1. I sing to my cats when I think no-one is around. I have managed to convince myself that they tolerate, and even enjoy, this experience.
  2. I've mimed evensong in a number of Cathedrals: Salisbury, Winchester Cathedral, and Chichester. I hold this dubious distinction by virtue of having been in the school choir of my primary school as my voice was breaking. Our music teacher suspected a ruse to get out of what was an unpopular extracurricular duty, so I kept schtum, literally.
  3. Kylie Minogue showed me her tits. We were building her first web site and half-way through the process she came over to our offices a meeting. I'm chatting nervously to her in the board-room whilst waiting for my boss to arrive (and oblivious to the realisation that this is the ONE MOMENT IN HISTORY when there's an overlap between Java development and the Princess Of Pop). She drops a pen, bends down to pick it up, it's a summer day - you don't need much imagination.
  4. I can swear effectively in Korean. Or used to be able to anyway, thanks to a Korean chum at school. All I know now is "fat shit boy", "cut your dick off", and "into the hole" (a fragment of something far too obscene to post here, but a handy exclamation should I ever take up golf).
  5. My academic career peaked whilst I was unconscious. I got horrendously drunk in the second year of my abortive Cybernetics degree, whilst starting out on a project involving network optimisation. I passed out and regained consciousness to discover that I'd come up with a very efficient algorithm for routing packets over a network, which I found scrawled across 8 pages of A4 by my bedside. I was really pissed off to discover two days later that some guy called Dijkstra had gotten there first. Imagine what could have happened if they'd given *him* an 8 pack of Diamond White...

Hmm, and I tag Helen, Sergio, Pete, Fudebakudo, and Jude.