A couple of O2 and .mobi titbits: "Delaney denied that the coming .mobi domain for mobile sites would harm i-mode's prospects. He said .mobi merely presents one of many ways to adapt content for use on mobiles. However, he added that O2 would have to increase the internet-type services it offers on its i-mode to attract more custom.

Jag Minhas, O2's chief i-mode architect, said the firm would probably open its specifications to more third-party content providers at the end of the year. Features planned for next year include an RSS aggregator, called iChannel, which will appear high up on the user interface; and an instant messaging (IM) client."

Interesting... with the Guardian reporting this morning that 1 in 4 UK internet users writes a weblog, perhaps it's time that the reading tools for this sort of content (i.e. RSS readers) to reach the same sort of mass appeal.

Update: added link to the Guardian article.