From "Stupid, Stupid Operator Creatures" at Mobitopia:

"I'm not sure that this was an advert for the specific service you're talking about (football) commentaries.

Lots of the operator advertising I've seen recently (in the UK) seems to be echoing the Bob Hoskins "It's good to talk" campaign that BT ran in the 80s/90s. From what I remember reading (sorry can't remember references) the campaign was designed to stop the public from only using phones for important conversations, and to stimulate voice usage by getting people chatting and exchanging smalltalk. I've read somewhere that it had a dramatic effect on BT voice revenues.

In much the same way, operators are running advertising showing trivial uses of text messages (Vodafone), letting you try before you buy (Orange), and in this campaign emphasising that the cheapness of voice calls makes them suitable for lots of things you may not have considered before.

It's not so much about selling sports commentaries as persuading the public that mobile calls are cheap enough to not worry about, and thereby get people talking and texting more (nice safe well-understood revenue streams that don't rely on selling in new concepts or investing in new handsets/network kit)."