Similarly, I've had a load of development related stuff pile up. In particular we're spending a lot of time at FP looking at the software development process and seeing where we can improve things (in a pragmatic, rather than embrace-Agile-cos-its-so-shiny, way)...

  1. Amazon have released their persistence layer, Carbonado; sounds interesting, anyone done a comparison with Hibernate?
  2. The road to build enlightenment. We're now using CruiseControl to provide automated builds of all new projects we take on, and it works very nicely thus far;
  3. Photos of an XP Team Room;
  4. Alistair Cockburns project risk reduction patterns;
  5. A pragmatic project, an interesting examination of a team that managed to unit test massively subjective outputs (the subjective quality of a rendition of a piece of music);
  6. A nasty programming puzzle, perhaps one for the dojo?
  7. The myth of project management: "When you work in IT, you deal with the consensual hallucination of Project Management. There is an almost universal belief that it is possible to predict ahead of time how long a project will take, how much it will cost and what will happen along the way."
  8. Moving from software production to software publishing;
  9. CaseDetective, a tool to analyse FogBugz data. I've been looking at tools to mine the vast quantity of info which we've accumulated in our bug tracking systems over the last 2 years recently...
  10. Why there is no rational software design process;