School PhotoAh, Friday. My old enemy - we meet again.

This weekend we did our best to kill Friday once and for all. In celebration of my cousin Dan and chum Wills' birthdays (34 and 21 respectively - mind the generation gap!) a crowd of reprobates descended upon Rosehill. No-one is quite claiming responsibility for the school disco theme, or indeed anything else that evening, but suffice it to say that we experienced punch with a kick, a welcome lack of fighting, random German sailors, at least one suspected inter-pal coupling, and some of the most frightening schoolgirls I think I'll ever see (thanks Dave and Nick).

I threw everyone out at 9:30 on Saturday morning, looked around, and wept inwardly at the thought of waking up in the midst of what can best be described as "Tunguska with shelving". Decamped to Sophie's for the day, slept, watched Amelie, ate Chinese food, slept more, and finally crept back the next day to tidy up. A crowd of folks came round to help - thanks guys! - and we rounded off the festivities with a trip to the Open House for luncheon. Sunday finished with aikido and a 5-man randori... great fun.

Cheers to everyone who came to the party - you are all beautiful and unique snowflakes, old faces and new.

And if anyone has the contact details for the guy whose name I forgot who works for Symbian, can you put him in touch with me?

Update: more evidence here