OK, here's the official invite to the Brighton & Hove Issues Forum. I'm ashamed to say that my involvement in this has been close-to-zero - i.e. turning up to an initial meeting and leaving early. But it's great to see this sort of thing actually happening: getting individuals engaging with government at the messy local level where Things Actually Happen.

"I am part of a team which is launching a new web site for everyone in
Brighton and Hove. It is going to be a place where everybody can talk about
the issues that affect them, or interest them, to do with our City.

What are your views on the fight over plans for the new football stadium?
What do you think about speed cameras? Are there problems with graffiti near
you? Come and tell the forum, and together we can try to work out some

The forum is an independent project, run by volunteers whose only interest
is to improve the working of local democracy. The city council and other
local organisations will be watching what happens on the forum closely, so
your voice might be heard by people with the power to make a difference.

We'd like you to be one of the first group of Brighton and Hove people that
joins our new forum. It is easy to join. Sign-up on the web site now at:


You can choose to participate via email or over the web. To take part, all
you need is an email address and access to the web - available free at your
local library. Please tell your friends about this new public forum.