Business 2.0 on The Rise of a New News Network: "I think what we are seeing is the rise of a new kind of news network, thanks in large part to technology. Average Joes and Janes are now armed to the teeth with technology that can capture and distribute news almost anywhere. A smartphone like the Nokia 6630 has more processing power and is more connected to the Internet than a circa-1995 PC. The high-speed connections, coupled with easy-to-use newsreader software from startups like FeedDemon maker Bradbury Software, Ranchero Software, and Videora, make it a breeze to gather and read all the news in real time."

Requesting, subscribing, receiving and manipulating media... RSS and RSS readers do this nicely with text (and podcasting extends this to audio), Tivo does it nicely with video. The idea of a channel as a schedule is starting to look a bit quaint.