Talking of FP... we've been rubbish at talking about what we're doing. So excuse me if I go a little salesy, but I thought I'd use this platform to mention some of the stuff we've been doing this year:

  • We're working for half of Nokia's design teams in the UK, implementing handset themes onto a range of devices which have come to market so far in 2008, and will be continuing to arrive throughout the year;
  • Top-secret design work for a large international agency. Can't say any more;
  • Piles of design and product development for trutap - there's some really great stuff going on here which I'll share more about in the next few montsh;
  • Some concept work for the Labs team (when I'm not trying to cleave them in half, virtually), and Channel 4 - both of whom have contributed to our healthy collection of NDAs, so no details here I'm afraid;
  • Mobile web development for the Royal Observatory Greenwich (see the presentation Bryan and I gave at Over The Air here), and for a font distributor - coming soon!
  • More game development for LocoMatrix;
  • Nifty bits of Bluetooth work for Wieden & Kennedy, to support an ad campaign for Save The Children, and for CuteCircuit - who sell a really T-shirt that beams hugs over mobile phones. Honest.

Phew. Oh and there's all the stuff that's so secret I can't even breathe about it, of course... ;)