Comic book heroes make it to mobile: "Yes, comics, movies, RPG’s and computer games are invariably on the geek-diet, so this is sure to rake in the dough for whoever gets there first, revenue sharing will be based on customer downloads."

Hmm, what happened to Riot-E? I've written about them before here, they were a well-funded Finnish company (motto: "we don't make games. we create riots") who spent a lot of money buying up the rights for Marvel characters, Bridget Jones, and even (I think) Lord of The Rings... then failed to do much of value with them and went under. Someone was doing a film about them, I think - we met them in 2000 and had a brief chat, but all they were interested in doing back then was SMS games (which, you may have noticed, aren't all that much fun).

So - big licenses don't guarantee success.