I had a wonderful night out last night: good food at the lovely Krakatoa restaurant, good friends and family (including some who I hardly see socially these days), and all the usual things I've come to expect from such a gathering:

  • Filthy innuendo (with a worrying tendency towards quoting Star Wars);
  • Ludicrous quantities of booze thanks to the Booze Brothers and a big bottle of absinthe provided by Ju;
  • Twister - a particularly violent variant that results in broken windows;
  • The inevitable fighting;

Those who made it along made it, and those who missed it were missed. Thanks to all - and a particular "woo" to Jo, the waitress at Krakatoa who should get some sort of medal for going above and beyond the call of duty: serving 20 or so of us admirably during the meal, then joining the throng back at ours later.

Today has been... unproductive.