DANGER! AIKIBUNKER!...I had a lovely weekend out, mostly spent catch up with Aikido folks in the south-east. On Saturday morning Mr Helsby and I took a train (and attendant rail replacement bus service) up to SOAS to train with Sue Smith and the Airenjuku London crowd, in the basement bunker which serves as their little shed.

Then the next morning 8 of us from Airenjuku Brighton drove over to Southampton to pay a visit to the Southampton University club - something we've been meaning to do ever since summer school in Chester this August. The Southampton guys made us feel very welcome, Alex Megann taught a fantastic class with Tom, and we sampled the delights of an indian buffet at Cafe Mumbai afterwards...

...driving back (or rather, being propelled half-asleep in my case: I was in the Land of Nod for the whole journey) just in time for our regular Sunday evening transmission.

Lovely, and not a mobile phone or laptop in sight ;)

"All we are saying...."

And whilst I have your attention, take a look at these rather natty videos done by some aiki/tech lunatics with motion sensors and some interesting visualisation software: beautiful stuff.