Today's been a bit of a break from the usual. I'm tapping out this post by candle- (ok, and PowerBook-) light, sitting on the floor of a yurt - a tent of Mongolian design (though I'm told this one is actually Iraqi). The yurt sits next to the barn where Boz, Yasmin and their son Seren live - near Taunton in Somerset. There's a rather splendid wood burner going in the middle of the yurt, heating it to toasty warmness whilst a makeshift chimney funnels smoke out into the night sky.

I arrived here at about 3pm this afternoon, and was met from the station. Then we went to a birthday party for 1 year olds, which had some of the nicest cake I've ever tasted on offer. An old man kept trying to come in and steal cake. Then we came back to Milverton Court, where Boz and Yasmin live, and Boz and I went for a walk around the grounds (with Seren strapped to his fathers stomach). Boz talked a lot about walking meditations.

Back to the barn, where visitors to the art exhibition being held there (of paintings that Boz has done, and photos a couple of friends of his have taken) had attracted a few people. He specialises in close-ups of flowers. Really big close-ups.

Then it was quiche time. I've never cooked quiche - now I know how; I was taken through the pastry construction process too - got it slightly dry yet serviceable. Photos of the exhibition which I'd taken were exchanged for this arcane knowledge, after which supper followed. Which leads me back to where I started. In a yurt. (Can you tell how much I love just saying the word?) After one of the most relaxed and diverse afternoons I've had all year... (later: gah. fecking GPRS modem, this won't be posted til morning...) (even later: was woken up this morning by a mole scratching around under the floor of the yurt!)