Russell talks here about Java as a tool for presentation on mobile.

Spot on! One of the things I've found us talking to clients about recently is that the main opportunity for Java on mobile devices is currently in providing better interfaces to information than those that can be realised in a WAP browser. The obvious exception to this massive generalisation is games - but aren't games interface-driven by their very nature, anyway?

Given that the only real point where J2ME can reliably interface with the real world across many devices is through HTTP requests (as opposed to integrating with the on-phone address book, etc.) then this is where we see the action right now.

Some projects we've been working on recently have been doing exactly this: doing serious interface and interaction design to come up with a better way of presenting a given type, or set, or information - and then implementing these interfaces.

(Apologies for being vague about specifics, I'm not sure I can post about it here just yet)