I've been meaning to post up a little summary of the news on LocoMatrix. There's been quite a lot happening here over the last few months:

  • We've been selected to receive a grant from the Technology Strategy Board's Creative Industries programme. It's a joint proposal with Brighton University, all themed around creating tools to assist with authoring games: a really important part of Loco. With a couple of radically different game formats already out there, we're keen to get some third parties using the platform and seeing how their perception of what they need differs from or matches up our thinking so far.
  • Whilst we're on the topic of education, we're working with Portsmouth University on a collaborative project starting before the end of this year, the aim being to work with MSc students there on game authoring.
  • A nice double-page spread appeared in London Lite, accompanying a story about location-based gaming which featured Loco quite prominently.
  • New Scientist also ran a story on real-world gaming, in which Loco MD Richard Vahrman was interviewed.