Tim Wright steps up.

Grew up without computers, blogs or mobile phones. Talks about Oldton. First comments led away from where Tim thought it would go. It's all about putting childhood memories into a fictional setting.

Googlers took it up and started contributing.

Coincidences followed... Tim's dad *had* been to Oldton as a sailor! Folks then start accusing Tim of faking stuff, of course :)

Tim had a lot of content to deal with but wasn't sure what to do with it. At another conference he heard a lot of talk about cards as a story-telling tool, tokens in gameplay, as items of value, with suits, etc. "Cards are just an unbound book, aren't they?"> He also wanted to build and draw a map, using assets from the blog to create a guided tour of the town.

"You're not sure whether people will collude with you in your engagement, or sabotage you."

The project turned from a blog collection to a mapping project to a card-related narrative...