A veritable feast of mobile links, spat onto your screens in an attempt to reach some sort of GTD nirvana within NetNewsWire:

  1. Customisation and personalisation in mobile;
  2. The Economist on how mobile is changing the landscape of politics and enabling collective organisation;
  3. Don't shrink designs to small screens! I ended at last weeks MoMo with a plea for better user experiences, but I feel increasingly that this is a pretty bland thing to be saying nowadays;
  4. "People are the mobile internet's killer app": One World. No Borders. 2.5 Billion Connected Citizens;
  5. A global MVNO, WorldSIM, is launching: targeting roamers;
  6. Mobile 2.0 happened. Kudos to Mike for writing up the event in a brutally honest fashion. Mind you, no-one's yet topped Robert's approach to event sponsors IMHO;
  7. Externalising image resources in J2ME - this is very handy when you want to update the UI for your MIDlet over the air, we've done it on a few projects now;
  8. Blyk, an ad-funded MVNO. Russell, who knows a thing or two about mobile advertising, has posted some thoughts. Personally I doubt it's sustainable if it's based on the kind of primitive ad models we've seen online so far: response rates, and therefore revenue, have a tendency to drop. And the first dot-com boom inoculated me against the "they're rich clever guys so they must be right" line of thinking. Still Eric Schmidt of Google thinks this is a goer...
  9. Another simple phone from Motorola;
  10. More gorgeous handset design from KDDI;
  11. Local apps with web content, an examination of the new GMail app (which I've not successfully used yet);
  12. 3 sees a boom in instant messaging - I'm really interested to learn more about this after my conversations with operator folks indicating this might be problematic;
  13. O2 seem to be cautiously optimistic about I-mode;