It was the 1st anniversary of Mobile Monday London last night, so I hied me to the big smoke for the evening. I was flattered to be invited back to talk again, along with Helen, Ajit, and Paul Goode of M:Metrics, on the subject of mobile trends.

The talk went OK, bar a slide cockup which left the central point of my argument (that SMS has grown whilst WAP stalled) frustratingly un-demonstrated: a pox on the Windows version of PowerPoint for not handling alpha transparency properly, and a plague on myself for not having checked through the slides properly beforehand. If you care, here's the slide:


Helen's talk was a really comprehensive round-up of mobile marketing: gawd, she knows her onions. I'm not sure I completely understood Ajit and his thoughts on operators as un-pipes, but I'll spend some more time working on that. Paul Goode was an absolute blast: in an industry astonishingly bereft of solid information, M:Metrics are a shining beacon of truth and justice.

As always, Alex Craxton and Jo Rabin held the event together admirably, and Google provided the use of their lovely canteen, food and drinks (and, as is traditional, zero information on what they think or are doing). And, again as usual, I bumped into a load of interesting folks and familiar faces afterwards: twas a great evening :)

The rest of my slides are here, but might not make much sense unless (or even perhaps if) I'm there to explain them.