Christian posted about something I noticed in my own life earlier this year. About 5 years ago I saw a talk from Tomi Ahonen where he discussed multiple SIM ownership in Finland and mentioned the number of devices he carried with him personally. "Yeah yeah" I thought, filing him mentally under "crazy Finn" and getting back to business.

But he was, of course, completely right and it's happened, hasn't it? When I moved my home broadband to the 3 USB dongle, I became one of those multiple SIM owners without even noticing it - and at the rate these things are selling I'm guessing there are quite a few of us. The SIM sitting inside the dongle is completely irrelevant to me - I don't use it for anything else - but it's there nonetheless. In 3 years time I wonder how many more devices I'll own which quietly accept those distinctive little cards.

(And note I've not even *touched* on what this must be doing to the so-called wi-fi "industry" which has been "just about" to disrupt the Vodafones and O2s of this world for nearly 10 years now...)