Nicki and Martins wedding went really well - much better than I'd expected, given the variety of factors which seemed to be conspiring against a happy weekend for all concerned. There's little point in going on about here in detail, as everyone who needs to know went, but: pub, thai, castle, waxwork, cake, bubbles, chocolate fountain, beer, disco-leg, wolf mask, elvis, oz, snow queen, and photography are all good places to start. The bride wore white for possibly the only time in recorded history. I didn't know there were white DMs...

Photos live here - yes, Flickr have finally persuaded me to pay for an account, the lovely lovely gits. Any other photos will be gratefully received and added here.

And here's my reading for anyone who cares; it's a poem by John Cooper Clarke:

"I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
Breathing in your dust,
I wanna be your Ford Cortina
I will never rust,
If you like your coffee hot
Let me be your coffee pot,
You call the shots,
I wanna be yours.

I wanna be your raincoat
For those frequent rainy days,
I wanna be your dreamboat
When you want to sail away,
Let me be your teddy bear
Take me with you anywhere,
I don’t care, I wanna be yours.

I wanna be your electric meter
I will not run out,
I wanna be your electric heater
You’ll get cold without,
I wanna be your setting lotion
Hold your hair in deep devotion,
Deep as the Atlantic Ocean
That’s how deep is my devotion.