I've not written for nearly a month now, and I've really missed it. Not because I particularly relish writing a public journal, but because I'd taken for granted how useful this weblog has been to *me* - as the "outboard brain" that folks like Cory and Chris talk about, as a point of contact (which I think Joi Ito has mentioned), and as a space where I can stick up my blatherings and get interesting feedback from a wide range of people - some of whom I know, some of whom I've never met.

So, one fresh install of MovableType later, here I am. I've not had an opportunity to play with importing all of Radio Userlands old content, opting instead to just leave the web pages it created lying about on the server... and I'll be putting in a bit more effort design-wise as and when I get the chance.

Other plans include putting more effort into writing individual posts, rather than just chucking up lists of links, and clearly delineating the personal stuff which is undoubtedly of little interest to most people coming here. I'm also planning to work out some new categories for the site: the old weblog had practically every post falling into the "tech" category, to the point where it was nearly meaningless.

I'm also wondering, as I type this, what difference the change in weblog tools will make to my writing...