More from FPs roving reporter, Thom Hopper, at Orange Code Camp in Opio:

"Today has been long and has had a greater number of sessions than yesterday, or for that matter tomorrow. Saw a lot of cool stuff and managed to glean myself a free Sony Ericsson K600i which is still making me drool, and I have had my SIM in it for almost an hour now. We have no Sudoku for it so I will sort that out when i get back.

Key points:

Symbian, lets not go there. It seems that symbian across multiple devices is not a good thing. For a single customer who needs external hardware to replace, say, an expensive custom device, eg; barcode scanner, then Series 60 (i.e. Symbian on a single target handset) would be a good idea, for mass market products then Java seems to b the way to go, but think we all knew that already. The Symbian signed process for Symbian 9 which i wont go into here seems to be a direct attempt to shaft the independent developer along with the malware developer at the same time. You need to buy a key from somone before you can even submit your apps to
be tested (which costs money).


The nice people at Gemplus tell me that the future aplications will be installed on the SIM (for which memory will range up to 1 gig). I see this being a wonderful thing for DRM and cirtification but not for any real user applications. I could be wrong on that, it does make it easy to update an app using text messaging for example. Midlets on the handset can communicate with the sim using JSR 177, this could be where the future of SIM apps lies.

I have gleaned contact details from a few people, but key people are:

Savaje. mobile handsets with pure Java environment so: multitasking OS with inherent multi-midlet support. Exact JSR implementations including 177 and 3D, PIM etc.

A guy from a testing company: they do Java verified in the UK, but they are 'all about the Orange'. This means that when Orange start their own signing process for products to be come 'Orange compatible' they do the two in one, making the proces

Cool stuff: net beans designer thing for graphical constuction of midlet interfaces, I can only asume with LCDUI. I have it on cd.

P.S. Point of interest: less biscuits with 'nice' writen on them than previously expected."