PICNIC07: Designing Killer Experiences, Peter Frankfurt

Every company in entertainment wants to be Pixar when they grow up. Started off with title sequence for Seven, attracted clients and young designers. Putting something onto a cinema screen is quite attractive for these folks :)

Started working on Transformers 1+ year before the film came out. Teaser created with no footage of the film. Michael Bay saw it: "Fucking cool". Shows different versions of the trailer for different markets, with logotype transforming into various scripts. Doing 20+ versions was financially pretty good for a graphics company ;)

Amusing trailer for Spike TV - like 24hrs of Bravo TV squeezed into 15 seconds with volume and contrast up to maximum.

Very visual presentation, difficult to get notes done...

Building virtual worlds is about taking something familiar and doing something to it that upsets, delights, whatever - just gets your attention.

Talks about World Trade Centre redesign: the original proposals were deeply unpopular so it was put out to the design community. Small agencies worldwide got together. "We literally had to create a world in lower Manhattan in 6 weeks". Decided to treat the presentation and process of the design as a film-making process: storyboarding informed a lot of the design, and a film was created as part of the presentation.