I've been reading Jeff Pattons blog (or rather, re-reading). There's so much good stuff in here it hurts:

  • On estimates: "Treat estimates given at the outset of a project as a budget for some possible solution, not as a bid for one specific solution."
  • On changing your products UI more frequently: "What would a design and development process look like that encouraged frequent small change to user experience?"
  • On agile product design and development: "This stuff is difficult. There isn’t an instruction manual to follow."
  • On getting design and dev working together: "If you want your product design and development to be effective, put someone on staff who's both a strong designer and technically capable of making design changes to the product directly."

I had the good fortune to meet Jeff at XP Day last year, wibbled at him and got some good advice. If I ever meet him again I'm going to drug him, abduct him, and keep him in a cage at FPHQ.

/me waves at Jeff.