See Me TV: "See Me TV is set to become the ultimate reality channel - providing an opportunity for 3 customers to shine in front a potential audience of millions.

All the budding star has to do is submit a thirty second video clip to the service displaying their talents in front of or behind the camera. The clip will then be uploaded to the 'See Me TV' channel for other 3 customers to view*.

Each time a clip is downloaded by a 3 customer the performer gets paid 1p. With a potential audience of 3.2 million, the most popular clips from contributors could make thousands of pounds worth of cash."

Interesting things about this:

1. It's 3 making the most of one of their big differentiators: video.
2. The payments are being made by PayPal, not through the existing billing relationship 3 have with their customers.

But how are they going to stop the inevitable abuse of the service?