Roulette Cricket 1.1 releaseWe launched an update to Roulette Cricket this week; lots of new features and a few tweaks. The previous version was pushed out in time for the IPCC matches and there were a few features we just didn't have time to squeeze in, which you can get now.

The big one you'll notice is commentary: you can now read a ball-by-ball account of the match on your iPhone, as it happens. One of the things I like about the app is that it's designed for partial attention - as a second screen whilst you're at work, listening to the radio or watching television. This means that accounting for the moments you'll miss is as important as showing you the game live. To that end we also let you replay the last boundary, so if you're distracted when it happens, you can see it again.

The other features are a bit less obvious; as well as the global leaderboard, which was rapidly filling up with players, we now have a per-game high score table. This means you still have a chance of getting fame and fortune on individual matches, if you can't follow all of them as some of our players clearly do :)

We also put in a few graphical twizzles and fixes, and a tweak around the display of times: where they used to be in GMT, they're now localised to your timezone. Cricket is an international game, pretending that everyone in the UK just didn't cut it.

There's more to come, of course - including one or two significant things we well know are missing. But this should keep you going :)