The Magic Smoke in Electronics: "a reminder of how easy it is to attribute magical properties to technology when there's no obvious mechanical functionality. Not even engineers can see moving electrons, and (I suspect) this "naive" gut-level explanation easily emerges, and regularly reappears."

Does anyone make a USB device that will blow smoke, belch, make smells, vibrate, and otherwise let us expose all sorts of digital happenings into the real-world, tapping into all of our senses? Nabaztag is good for sound, and to a less extent sight, but there's a whole range of other stuff out there.

Imagine if code smell *actually smelt*... or in a less geeky, more Everyware stylee, if my living room start to get a bit musty when I'd forgotten to take books back to the library. One of the things we've noticed from our Nabaztag is the subtle way that rabbity announcements get straight to the subconscious when they're part of the background noise of an office.