I've been away for a couple of weeks, and am now playing catch-up with piles of email and news.

I can't remember ever taking 2 consecutive weeks off any time in the last 11 years that I've been working (though I may have at some point). I've certainly never taken a week off without having any solid plans for it - and it's been fab.

Things I did:

Lots of people have been busy this week too:

  • Nan and Nige were joined by their firstborn, Rory Brady Hosker
  • Mr Falletti expanded his personal empire: Luca has a new baby brother, Leo
  • Jay and Emm transmogrified, G-force style, into Mr and Mrs Caines-Gooby
  • On a more mundane note, my dad's been transforming the hallways of Rosehill (a job only 5 years overdue thanks to my own procrastination), and we had a slight but temporary planning setback in our efforts to remodel the bathroom...

And I failed to get around to:

Back to work tomorrow, and whilst it's been a lovely break, I'm actually rather excited about getting stuck into FP things again. I've had a chance to think and refresh myself.