Easter was dead fab: by turns ludicrous, social and worthy.

On Thursday I went to see the best Russian Elvis-inspired band in the world ("Your favourite band", as they so succinctly put it), with Steve, Yvonne and chums. Any band with a song called "200 flying girls" is alright by me (chorus: "200 flying girls. 200 flying girls. Flying to the moon. 200 flying girls").

Friday was spent lunching with my dad, shopping for a few household essentials and replacement items (post-possession division), then a pint with the (Caines-)Gooby family. In the evening I met up with Steve and wandered to Ali Cats for a drink or three, catching one of the most fantastic scratch-mixy DJs I've seen in ages (and noting his MP3/decks combo). Then onto the Volks with Ken, Rach and their chum Chris for Bloc. There Was Pointing, and by daybreak we'd solved all the worlds problems, pausing for an hours kip before returning to topic and realising that yes, we'd definitely solved all the worlds problems. Again.

Saturday was fuzzy around the edges. My old flatmate and insane uni chum Rachel came down from London and we wandered over to Sayers Common for Ayng's Easter party. Saw a few folks I'd not seen since my birthday last year, and a few others who I'd not seen for years and years: lots of hats, lots of food, lots of fun. Scavenged a lift back to Brighton around 3am in a lovely converted ambulance and crashed out.

By Sunday the edges were frayed. Train to Newhaven to see MOTHER, get well fed and be attacked by a slightly grumpy (and sharp-clawed) ginger cat. Then back to Brighton to feed my two, and over to Hove for a drink with Tango Pablo Oscar and chinesey goodness w/Ken and Rach once more.

Monday: up early for a game of squash, then it was a Day of Doing Things. Bought some paint and started cleaning up the bathroom at Rosehill - only about 4 years late. Amazing the difference a single coat of paint can make, though as Dan commented, all the plastic sheeting everywhere made it look like I'd planned a messy end for someone. Or something.

And Monday evening Claire and Paul came over for supper, and I reworked Ye Thai Green Curry into a more traditional format (i.e. not mouth-blisteringly spicy), which seemed to work OK. That and the Smarties cake Claire brought over left us stuffed mightily.