We've just had some rather good news - and a fringe benefit of this is that I can share my favourite photos[1] of 2008 with you:

Falletti & Hume storming Redmond

Mr Falletti and I took a top-secret 1-day trip to Seattle last December to present Future Platforms to Microsoft and put us forward for a very interesting piece of work. These things usually take time to bear fruit, but I can now reveal that we've won the job. It would be a chronic understatement to say we're all tremendously excited that the world's largest software company chose us over the competition.

My lips are tightly (and rightly) sealed when it comes to talking about what we're doing, and in fact you won't be hearing a great deal from me in the immediate future; we're collocating our team with MS for the start of the project, so we'll all be out of the country for a little while. I'll be able to talk a lot more about what we're up to in due course, though.

The one downside of this is that I get to miss Mobile World Congress (again), and LIFT (which I was really looking forward to). But hey - we're a service agency, and with the UK heading into recession it seems churlish in the extreme to complain about winning a large piece of interesting work from a high-profile new customer :)

Oh alright then, it's my *second* favourite photo, after this one:

Please Don't Ask