The next few months will be interesting, I think. I've been asked to join the W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group as a W3C Invited Expert. Specifically, I'm going to be contributing to the work of the Content Tranformation Task Force over the next few months.

If you've been reading this blog, you may know that the task force's attention is on a topic which interests me: over the last couple of years the deployment of transforming proxies within network operators has caused headaches for mobile content providers, and led to some quite fiery debate in various online forums. I'm looking forward to contributing a perspective from the corner of the mobile ecosystem where Future Platforms and our clients sit: independent software developers and content providers.

And - I appreciate these words may come back to haunt me - I'm really looking forward to seeing the work of a standards body from the inside. This is an aspect of the industry I've never experienced - other than through the artifacts the W3C etc. produce - and I'm curious to understand it better.