Interesting comment at MobHappy: "The UK has plenty of mobile World Cup coverage with the two largest tabloid newspapers (The Sun and News of the World) launching free java apps for the phone last weekend - just text SUN or NOTW to 80080 to get them if you’re on a UK mobile. Both are J2ME apps offering world cup content from the sports desks at the newspapers."

I'm not a reader of the Sun or NoTW so hadn't heard of these. I've downloaded the Sun app though.

It's OK but essentially offers the same sort of content I'd expect to see in a WAP site. Err except it's not in a WAP site, it's in an application. I can't really see what this approach has bought them (other than the ability to ensure the Sun logo is permanently plastered at the top of the screen - which presumably has some value) - the user experience is very similar to WAP, every time I click on a link I have to wait whilst content is downloaded, and there's nothing fancy done with layout.

So this one gets a vote for "nice execution, but why bother" from me. Someone, somewhere, has put a lot of time into writing a browser. They've done a reasonable job of it too, but reinventing the wheel like this doesn't seem to be the best use of anyone's time.