A Long Day :)

Woke up at 4am, crawled to Brighton station, met Mr Falletti. Train to Gatwick where we checked in and met up with Neil from Puzzler. An hours delay on the flight meant an hours gratefully received kip, then 2 hours in the air and landed at Barcelona. Taxi to town where I dropped my kit off chez Dom and headed over to 3GSM.

"Look at the size of that thing"

3GSM is huge. Much bigger than I'd expected (and by all accounts it's twice the size of last year). Everyone seems to be here, from right across mobile: antenna specialists to porn shillers, operators to book publishers. It's quite nice to see aspects of the industry which I never normally come across.

We're based out of the UK@3GSM stand which provides meeting space and Wi-Fi - very convenient indeed. And I've spent most of yesterday either arranging meetings with the myriad folks who are here, or wandering around the huge halls. There's so much to see here that I doubt I'll get a chance to take it all in before we leave.

Yesterday finished here at around 6, followed by a drink with Neil before we headed over to the Carnival of the Mobilists. Great to finally meet Carlo and see Russell, David, the Shozu guys and many others. (Congratulations to the Shozu folks for winning at the awards last night btw!) Bizarrely bumped into Alan, a guy I recognise from BAF Summer Schools past, who sold me my first bokken.

Then out with Dom and Sergio for some food at the fantastic Ciudad Condal (my favourite restaurant in this city) and a quick drink then sleep-time.

Up this morning bright and early and back in for more. Much more wandering around and a few meetings with folks. 3GSM is providing a great opportunity to meet people who we just wouldn't normally have a chance to catch up with...