Mike Sutton on how to become a better agile practitioner by learning from other sources; my notes are a bit slapdash here because much of the session was practical or participative. So only a few bits and pieces:

  • "Curiosity propels you to excellence";
  • Mike talked a bit about NLP; in particular "well formed outcomes" - achievable actionable realistic goals which can be tested;
  • ...and also "submodalities", "words as windows to primary representation systems". So, for instance, some people might talk "visually", saying things like "see what I mean?". Engaging with these people using the same language and metaphors that they use would be useful;
  • We then did some improv exercises, having a group of "directors" tell a volunteer what to do repeatedly, with the aim of telling a story... whilst a second group, the "audience", vote on how well it's going. A few people noted how different it felt to be a director vs being in the audience in terms of pressure to deliver;
  • Mike talked (rightly I felt) about how interesting it was to see software industry folks connecting to other disciplines and bringing something back - the idea that we can learn a lot from other places. In a chat afterwards, he likened this to his Aikido dojo where they're encouraged to go and learn another martial art after a little while, to better further their practice;