I've not written much, if anything, related to Aikido here recently. This is for a couple of reasons: the general feeling that I couldn't write anything meaningful about it (describing it in written language always seems to be doing it a disservice), and the disturbing trend I've noticed for people to actually *read* this site, and then comment to me about on the mat. The Iwama Ryu syllabus in particular seems to emphasise not only bokken and jo, but also use of the web - I've only been going to Iwama courses for about a year now, but several people at them have indicated that they've come across m'blog. Conscious of an audience, I feel a bit more shy about writing here.

But things are busy anyway: I'm off to summer school at the end of the month with a small but perfectly formed Airenjuku posse (Dan/Steve/John plus Tom and the kids), and all of us students are working up to gradings. Maria very kindly took me to one side at class yesterday and we just worked through the syllabus until my head span. Lots still to do and I've got a towel-wringing exercise to occupy myself with in spare moments.

Summer School looks like being fun - in addition to the normal training morning and afternoon, we have early morning sword classes at 6:30am and, new this year, a jo class in the evenings... plus Ken Cottier will be taking a session on the Saturday afternoon when we arrive (which nicely puts pressure on us to get up there in time).

Anyhow, there will be more here. And Plans Are Afoot for the Airenjuku site revamp too...