Bad news for mobile music: "When asked what do they do when they hear a track which they'd like to download to their mobile, only six per cent said they'd buy it from their network operator's portal. A massive 44 per cent said they simply weren't interested in downloading music to their mobile phones."

Given that we've had MP3-playing mobiles for a good few years now (I can't remember the last time I bought a handset which didn't have 64MB of memory and headphones bundled with it), are there any studies about teenagers behaviour with phones and music-playing *today* - i.e. actual evidence that, in the wild, the phone is starting to replace the dedicated MP3 player?

I'm not after an analysis of units shipped of ipods vs handsets - handsets get upgraded quickly, and the purchase of a handset doesn't necessarily indicate that it's being used to listen to music. And I'm not interested in focus-group type studies asking end-users what they'd like to do - but rather actual research into observed behaviour.

Anyone know?