There's a proposal out to ban "samurai swords". Why is it always "samurai swords", I wonder? Are they innately more dangerous than a broadsword, or are they just the nutters' weapon of choice?

Anyhow, as someone who's still working on being a jedi but occasionally likes to swing a wooden bokken around in the garden, or walks/drives/flies to courses with a bag of assorted, this makes me slightly nervous. It seems only a short step away from banning anything brown and sticky, when I'm sure there are more effective (but perhaps less headline-worthy) steps that could be taken to protect the public from the insane. I'm guessing that it's only the insane this law is targeting - criminals aren't known for their rigid adherence to the rule of law.

So for what it's worth (which tends towards zero over time) I've signed the e-petition asking the vicar to reconsider, and if you care about this sort of stuff, I urge you to too.

Psst - mind you, those guys with katana perched on the living room wall are a bit strange, aren't you^H^H^Hthey? ;)