Business users want devices without digital cameras: "We also need devices without digital cameras. You'd think it a simple request, but this is a hot enterprise topic. Most firms won't let cameras anywhere near their business."

I think you'll find that's "want", not "need". In the same way that teachers want children to not be texting each other during class, and the music industry wants you to not record CDs from your friends or use Kazaa. Genies, bottles, etc.

I also wonder if there's a disconnect here between what business *users* want, and what business *representatives* want. I've never heard any individual bemoan the fact that they were given a cameraphone for their work.

And I don't see how this can be about industrial espionage or trade secrets. If your employees want to steal valuable information from you, they can easily purchase specialist bugging equipment which is was more unobtrusive than a cameraphone.