Argh. We're rather busy at the moment so I've been concentrated on Doing Real Things For Clients rather than thinking and blogging. So it's remiss of me not to have mentioned a few things we've been doing that are really floating my boat. Apologies for the vagueness, I've signed so many NDAs over the years that I'm not really allowed to say anything any more :) I'll shout more here when I get permission, promise.

  1. Some front-end work for a big handset vendor... which might even actually get launched. Seeing your stuff appear in the marketplace always feel nice :)
  2. A prototyping project for a handset vendor;
  3. A mobile ad campaign for a large cosmetics brand;
  4. More distribution for mobile puzzles;
  5. And last (but by no means least), we're working with Hotxt! I can't say much about what we're doing except: watch this space :)

Oh, and at last we relaunched our web site (cheers to Mr Ribot and the late Mr Andrews for their work on this). We're off to the lovely Murasaki tonight to celebrate endings and beginnings of a few projects: Flickr will record all.