There seems to be a strong US focus here, and - perhaps coincidentally - a broader use of the "casual game" term than what I'm used to. Certain console and PC titles seem to fall under this category, which surprises me as I can't really see how anything could be less casual than a gaming session sat at a screen. Suspect this may be due to wearing mobile-shaped blinkers for half a decade.

At other events I've been to, the tone has been a rather unrealistic "how do we get around those pesky operators". There seems to be a bit more realism here: "you may not like the operators but you don't have much of a choice but to work with them... today".

I've enjoyed all the talks I've been to so far. "Alternate business models for mobile" didn't really reveal any fantastic new models as such, but it was great to hear experiences from aggregators, developers, and media companies trying to get commercially successful in this area.

The event seems very developer-oriented.