Well, we had the first coding dojo event tonight - and I thought it went swimmingly.

12 local programmers, of varying experience, gathered at FP Towers and Joh talked us through the format for the event before we got down to tackling the first kata. I kicked off and managed to waste my allotted five minutes on setting up the project and putting in place some dodgy design decisions, despite my better half (Mr Roddis).

And we round-robinned from there. It was really great actually, driving home the cost of communication (we all had to explain what we were doing constantly), and giving me lots to think about. Interesting to see lots of different approaches to the same problem too - particularly the more lateral ones - and great to see a few folks who I only catch rarely these days.

I'm already looking forward to the next one, and firmly resolved never to shop at any Supermarket named Dallaway's ... ;)

Thanks again to Joh and Devi for sterling organisational efforts. It wouldn't have happened without you :)