Designing for Mobile: "My workshop focused on the mobile ecosystem, some of the basic fundamentals as well as dispel myths and jargon common to the mobile industry. As this information can be incredibly hard to come by outside of the mobile industry, it seemed like a good place to start."

Beautifully done and overall fantastic advice, though I'd disagree with the approach advocated here of focusing on 5 browsers. Yes, by targeting a few common handsets you can reach a disproportionate percentage of potential customers, but understanding and using tools for content adaptation can get you to *everyone*.

The section on convincing carriers that you'll impact their ARPU is also slightly naive (for the UK market, anyway). Carriers have been inundated by content and service providers promising to raise their ARPU, and it's unlikely that any one service is going to have a noticeable impact.

All the above suffers from the disclaimer that I've only read the presentation, not seen it presented - so Brian may have dealt with my comments when he presented it...