We had another coding dojo tonight, courtesy of our able facilitator, Ms Hunt.

I enjoyed it. The task this time was to write a simple text adventure. We made slow progress as a group, but ended up with a functioning model for a game, which allows motion around a game world.

I felt that the confines of 5-minute stretches as navigator or driver in a pair programming scenario led to unintended consequences... personally I felt pressured to deliver something solid in my 5 minutes, and I wonder if this doesn't lead to the now-familiar situation where we've written lots of classes representing entities in the system, but can't quite see how they fit together. Some design up front seems to be warranted ;) This time around it seemed that we had a good model done (with some bleed-over into a controller, leading to a little heated debate) but no view.

High point: at the very end of the evening the cry went up "did anyone read the spec?". Urk, no...