Ericsson still likes the WAP word: "The system does do exactly what it says on the label. It allows mobile internet sites to bill for content. So if you have a WAP phone – and a GPRS or 3G connexion – it can bill you for services all paid for via your mobile handset.


So what's the big difference between WAP Billing and the well-established Bango? Global reach seems to be one advantage. Once you're integrated into the system, you can sell things to 0.5 billion users in 10 countries.

Can anyone point me to more information about this? I can't find anything on Ericsson's site. And as far as international reach is concerned, isn't this the big thing that Bango offers? I'm not a huge fan of Bango personally (thanks to the fairly horrible user experience it offers - which admittedly they've recently started to address with better templated pages), but it doesn't seem to be outclassed by Ericsson from what I can see.