I've been to the cinema a couple of times over the last 2 days (ooh busy me), seeing The Road to Guantanemo at the lovely lovely Duke of Yorks, and Syriana last night at the Odeon w/Dan.

RtG was darkly comical, but hideous: three lads from Birmingham, completely out of their depth, terrified and bewildered. If the descriptions of their interrogations are true then their captors seem just as clueless.

Syriana I enjoyed, but it didn't live up to its "Traffic of the oil industry" monicker. It seemed deliberately disjointed, dragging together its narrative threads towards the end but never really getting into enough depth around the various sub-plots to make me really care about the characters. Still, any film where you get to see George Clooney having his fingernails ripped out can't be all bad.