Trutap and Flirtomatic in NMAOne piece of happy news which came through whilst I was at LIFT... New Media Age did a nice little piece on mobile social networking, and I was chuffed to see that two of the top 10 to watch are clients of Future Platforms.

Flirtomatic are now the largest off-portal WAP destination in the UK; way back in 2004/05 we worked on the first version of their product. Trutap are a more recent client; we've worked with them since the end of 2006 to design and build their front-end application, and we're still working with them on some stuff I can't talk about just yet... but is looking really nice. If you're going to Mobile World Congress next week and bump into Carl or Dave, hassle them nicely and they might show you :)

OK, consider my trumpet blown, that's enough :)