Hopper Doodle2008 looks like being a busy year for Future Platforms; so, once again, we're looking for development talent to join our engineering team. We're after solid Java skills (with J2ME a very welcome bonus), an ability to communicate effectively and an enthusiasm for all things mobile; in the immediate future we'd consider contract or permanent applications.

You'll be working on mobile-related software projects for a broad range of startups (Trutap, LocoMatrix, and a couple of others I can't name right now), established content owners (like the BBC, EMI, Puzzler Media, or Heinemann publishing), and a host of marcomms agencies. We're a small business (there's 15 of us last time I counted), but have been running for nearly 8 years now and have a good reputation in the world of mobile. You'd be working closely with our absolutely cracking design team, in a friendly environment with some smart people (and me).

On top of our service work, we also have some internal products which we actively develop, and we actively budget time for our staff for personal development and R&D. And as we're a small company, you'll get a chance to contribute to all aspects of the business: strategy, development tactics,
business development and so on. If you're reading this site I've already bored you with endless posts about how we approach the problems of developing software :)

If you're interested, send a CV to recruitment@futureplatforms.com. We shan't be using recruitment agencies to fill this vacancy, and will actively avoid using any agencies who I even suspect have contacted us after reading this post.