I'm not sure if I posted about it at the time - because err all the posts from that time got lost in a server accident - but Future Platforms turned 5 in September.

We were horribly busy at the time (obviously) so didn't celebrate it at the time - and remedied this on Thursday of this week, by closing the office and relocating to Brussels for the day.

In summary: Eurostar, pissing statues, EU parliament, Tin Tin, cheese, beer, gadgets, idiocy. Full photo set is here - I'm sure there will be others. And, as will now be traditional, absent friends get to chew on a chocolate pope.

On a more sentimental note: wow, 5 years. This means I've been working longer here than anywhere else I've ever been: and despite that, it's still fun. So a big thankyou to everyone who's been a part of that, and those who continue to be.