A album by 16 high-profile artists is released for free; supporting material from the making of Outfoxed is put out using BitTorrent; and Wired report on free content that people are paying for.

What's the mobile angle? Convenience is worth money. An example: the SMS service on the National Rail site, which will text you the details of a journey you've examined.

It's easily argued against: I look up these details when I'm sitting at my desk with pen and paper within easy reach, and the information isn't difficult to remember - "so who's going to pay for that?". But it's so damn convenient to have the details of my journey in my pocket all the time that I now regularly pay a 25p pittance...

Similarly, look at content services. I can use Yellow Pages to look up a restaurants details, or I can pay 25p to do it on Vodafone Live ... whenever and wherever I am. In many cases, mobility in itself adds value.