Who'd have guessed it? Men and women use phones differently!

I can't find the original research on the Enpocket site, but the bits in the BBC story that got my attention were:

  • The growth in use of 3G services (3% of mobile phone users using 3G today, as opposed to 1% a year ago - still a minority, but not bad growth)
  • The mismatch between 5.8% of the population (1.9 million people) downloading a mobile game in the last 3 months, and 58% of men being keen to play. It seems we still have some work to do educating people as to how they do this stuff.
  • 40% of people using a 3G handset use 3G services. As usual, the BBC present this as poor performance - but that's *fantastic* - particularly given that the only seller of 3G handsets in the UK, 3, has experienced network problems over the last year and kicked off with some really dodgy handsets...