Rui on mobile apps:

"It may be early days, but I would expect developers to be a bit smarter than this by now. Yes, the iPhone and iPod Touch are ways to access the Internet, but every mobile device has two states: online and offline. And you either take offline into account, or you’re forgetting 50% of the possible use cases."

+1, +1, +1

Post-iPhone, mobile has gained a lot of credibility and we're seeing all sorts of folks get involved. This is a really good thing - but taking preconceptions of what's appropriate from the world of the fixed internet and applying them to mobile is not going to lead to viable mobile services... any more than taking brochures and putting them online was a good use of the web.

Battery life, intermittent connectivity, input constraints, context of use... all different, all unavoidable, all vital to consider when going mobile.